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(Approved By AICTE New Delhi & Affiliated to JNTUH, Affiliated to SBTET - HYD) PEDDAPALLI, PEDDAPALLI(DIST), TELANGANA.


College Code : MTEC


Institutional Distinctiveness

Mother Teresa College of Science and Technology: Nurturing Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Mother Teresa College of Science and Technology is a beacon of educational excellence, attracting students from diverse backgrounds across Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and beyond. The institution recognizes the inherent curiosity of its students but acknowledges the need to bridge the gap in innovation and entrepreneurial skills. Guided by a profound belief in creating job givers rather than mere job seekers, Mother Teresa College is dedicated to instilling self-belief, a passion for continuous learning, and practical application of knowledge.

Distinctive Approaches:

Innovation as a Key Driver: The institution firmly believes that innovation is the catalyst for new concepts, ideas, and unexplored paths, paving the way for new business opportunities. The focus on cultivating readiness (openness to unlearn, learn, and relearn) and willingness (adaptability) is reflected in the mantra of Attention, Reflection, and Action that underpins the practices at Mother Teresa College.


  1. Out-of-the-Box Thinking: Train students to develop critical and creative thinking for solving real-world problems.
  2. Innovative Environment: Create an atmosphere for students to objectively reflect, interpret, and discover innovative ideas and abilities.
  3. Empowerment for Entrepreneurship: Enable students to ideate and transform ideas into reality, fostering entrepreneurship.
  4. Career Roadmaps: Develop career roadmaps aligning individual aspirations with the demands of the professional world.


Innovative Ecosystem: Mother Teresa College has established an ecosystem for innovation, including an incubation center, facilitating the creation and transfer of knowledge. Periodic interventions by subject matter experts and alumni equip students with foundational concepts and skills, encouraging both group and individual project work.

Hands-On Learning: Adequate laboratory facilities, guided hand-holding, and industrial visits enhance students’ skills, making them zero-day ready for their careers. The institution organizes hands-on training, workshops, expos, and hackathons, encouraging participation in university-level events to showcase innovative ideas.

Career Help Desks: Quarterly events, featuring consulting partners, overseas education services, L&D experts, and Career Coaches, provide holistic insights into various career paths, opportunities, and challenges.

Evidence of Success:

Mother Teresa College’s commitment to innovation is evidenced by impactful projects, such as an air-driven four-wheeler, composite materials app for soil analysis, and a Smart Stick aiding visually challenged individuals. Many students have embarked on entrepreneurial journeys, while others have secured lucrative job offers from MNCs.

Challenges Addressed:

The institution has successfully addressed challenges, including foundational knowledge gaps through bite-sized learning, overcoming industry collaboration hurdles by inviting experts, and maintaining consistent student motivation by addressing demotivation during stuck points.

Mother Teresa College of Science and Technology stands as a testament to its dedication to nurturing innovation, entrepreneurship, and the holistic success of its students in the dynamic landscape of science and technology.

Entrepreneurs from Mother Teresa College of Science and Technology:

S.NoName of the StudentProgramYear of GraduationStart-Up NameActivities of the Startup
1ArjunB.Tech EEE2012Common Service CenterOnline Service center
2PrashanthB.Tech EEE2012C2G ServiceMee seva
3R. RajithaEEE2012Bheem Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.Computer Sales & Services
4A. SrikanthECE2012Computer Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.Computer Sales & Services
5Arun SaiCSE2014Marbled MetropolisPattern or texture that resembles marble
6SanthoshEEE2014Book WormPage-turner books
7K. RanjithEEE2016Electrical EnterprisesEquipment appliances
8Sai KumarB.Tech Mining2016C2G ServiceMee seva
9[Name not provided]ECE2018Solutionspectrum SpotSales & Services
10B. ShyamalaECE2018Herbal LifeHerbal life trainer
11M. AchtyuthMBA2019Indian Oil Pvt. Ltd.Sale of fuel
12L. ShirishaMBA2019C2G ServiceMee seva
13D. Divya JyothiMBA2020Computer Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.Computer Sales & Services
14K. Nikhil ReddyMBA2020Furniture ShopFurniture Shop
15A. KumaraswamyMBA2020Book WormPage-turn books

Statistics of Students Progressed to Higher Education from Mother Teresa College of Science and Technology:

Academic YearNo. of Students Progressed to Higher Education

Appreciation and Awards from Mother Teresa College of Science and Technology:

  • Gold Medal awarded to R. Kishore, B.Tech Mining 2018 graduate on the occasion of convocation at JNTUH.
  • Gold Medal awarded to S. Sai, Mining Student 2019 graduate on the occasion of convocation at JNTUH.
  • The solar vehicle developed by Mechanical students in 2018 gained an award from JNTUH for promoting awareness of renewable energy sources and pollution-free transportation.