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College Code : MTEC


Life Skills

Our aim in Life skills is to help our students become pro-social, independent, proactive and responsible citizens. We aim to support our students in developing a skill-set for life, centred on a range of topics and activities, enabling them to succeed in life.

Our approach to teaching functional skills and life skills is at the core of our curriculum where our framework can be taught within the programmes of study and the schemes of work.

Life skills learning is divided into three broad areas of learning which cover

  • Independence
  • Learning
  • Social Understanding
Life Skills 1. Independence
Independent LivingGetting ready for a supported independent life.
Personal SafetyRecognising risky situations and how to manage them safely and how to get help.
Road Safety & TravelRecognising how to be safe in the community when travelling and getting ready for independent travel.
Keeping HealthyRecognising how to remain healthy through exercise, diet and well-being.
Personal CareBuilding independent functional skills.
LeisureRecognising different aspects of leisure and identifying ways and means to navigate and enjoy leisure activities.
Work SkillsGetting ready for the world of work.
Life Skills 2. Learning
Organisation and learning skillsBuilding skills to become an independent learner or engage in learning independently in whatever method is appropriate to the individual.
Motivation and engagementBuilding attention skills and engagement skills and developing resilience in persevering with tasks.
Routines and expectationsRecognising and understanding there are different expectations across different settings.
Evaluating own learningBuilding self esteem and self awareness.
Life Skills 3. Social Understanding
Coping with changeBuilding strength to manage changes.
TransitionsBuilding strength to manage transitions.
Special interestsUnderstanding own special interests and their significance on mental health and well-being.
PlayShaping learning.
Thinking & problem solvingDeveloping memory to understanding to application to analyse, evaluate & create.

Capabilities that carry on and extend beyond technical skills, allow to communicate, build relationships, continuously grow and thrive in competitive environments. Adaptation amidst rapid change. Understanding that to work harder, one must work smarter. Accepting failure as the price for learning and developing a growth mindset. Navigating complex situations without being scared by life’s obstacles. What employers want in new hires.